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----------------TESTIMONIAL #1----------------



Thanks so much Matt. 


You were the guys I have been looking for for 5 years to help revamp my website. I just want to let you know that you nailed it and look forward to seeing the final product.


Executive Director

NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor

Sports & Entertainment Director

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management



----------------TESTIMONIAL #2----------------




I finally got some quiet time to really read this and compare it to what we had previously, I think it’s great. It’s obvious you know what you’re doing. Let’s try and talk next week, XXXXXX is out on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving,


Senior Vice President

Family Wealth Advisor

Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management




----------------TESTIMONIAL #3----------------


Dear Matt,


After reading everything over numerous times, I just want to say again what an outstanding job you have done.  I have a few very minor corrections to suggest.  First, I live in XXXXXX. Second, would it be better to describe XXXXXXX as an electronics rather than an automotive company? Other than that, it looks perfect to me.  Thanks.


Senior Vice President

Financial Advisor/Senior Portfolio Manager

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

New Jersey



----------------TESTIMONIAL #4----------------


Wow, those are really good..may have a minor tweak after we talk Tuesday, but the entire thing looks and more importantly reads great..thanks for the help, we will be back in a day or two…


First Vice President

Financial Advisor

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management



----------------TESTIMONIAL #5----------------


Good afternoon Matt,

Everything looks great, we will use these as our final versions, and will send them to compliance now. If you could, send the invoice to XXXX (CC’d on this email) as soon as you have the time. Thanks! Best Wishes,


Morgan Stanley Wealth Management   

New Mexico


----------------TESTIMONIAL #6----------------


Hope you are doing well.  I want  to let you know that I am very impressed with Matt Ledoux and team's work for drafting my market materials such as the value prop, my story & service and bio.


His work is very professional and I enjoy working with him.    Thanks,   


Corporate Retirement Director |Vice President

International Client Advisor | Financial Advisor



----------------TESTIMONIAL #7----------------


Matt and his team are masters of their craft and our group is fortunate to have worked with them. After being disappointed with other “marketing professionals” that we hired in the past, it was refreshing to go through Matt’s process. They took the time to understand our business and created a customized and easy-to-understand message for our clients and potential clients. They consistently under-promised, over-delivered and adhered to a timeline that he laid out upfront. They always made themselves available and had no ego throughout the process. They listened to our opinions and fine-tuned them to a finished product that we are very proud to share.



Senior Vice President

Wealth Advisor




----------------TESTIMONIAL #8----------------


Hey fellas, looking forward to connecting this afternoon.


I love the draft you shared.  You really captured our foundational approach and really got me thinking about how I want it delivered!  I made a lot of notes, some things I want to change, some just ideas I wanted to chat about.


Financial Advisor | Portfolio Manager

South Carolina



----------------TESTIMONIAL #9----------------


I am very pleased with the outcome. It flows well and I feel that it represents me well. I am also happy because I have not received any feedback from the compliance department for changes. Matt and his team are also very pleasant to work with and has been very responsive in turning around his work.


All in all I would highly recommend him to others.

Thank you very much for your help.


Financial Advisor 

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management




----------------TESTIMONIAL #10----------------


Hi Matt,


I love these.  Thank you. 

I’m pretty much over the Pats…I’ll be cheering for the Eagles. Super excited about that!


Financial Advisor

Financial Planning Specialist

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


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