• Matt Ledoux

This is me in nyc a few weeks ago

Puddle: 1 Me: 0

This is me in nyc a few weeks ago at a conference.

Whenever I'm there, inevitably it pours, or I have a cold, or my daughters have a soccer game I have to miss.

New business is hard, tiring and can just plain suck. It can also be so so exciting. When you make a connection with someone who’s excited too, and then... you’re on top of the world.

But this picture was not one of those times.

I was in the subway. And had just hauled my carry-on thru a deep puddle I didn't see ahead of time. (I’d find out later that my clothes inside the suitcase even got wet).

In the end, I get so much out of journeys. It's just those puddles though.

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